EMSA INC. About Us

EMSA Group Engineering that stands out with innovative products in Defense and Aviation Industry since 2014 has been designing and manufacturing Airplane Helicopter Maintenance and Ground Support Equipment with its knowledge andexperience by using completely national capital and domestic production techniques.

Laws and rules in aviation are based on extensive testing and real-world experience. Maintenance and Ground Safety is also as vital as Flight Safety. It is of vital importance that the tools and equipment and ground support devices used in the maintenance of aircraft should be of good quality, safe and easy to use.

While designing and manufacturing these products, the safety and quality standards are kept in the foreground considering the ease of use and their weights. Experiences and knowledge of our staff who have worked in Military, Security and Civil Aviation sectors for many years and are equipped engineer staff provides solution-oriented, qualified and reliable services for the needs and expectations of our customers and users.

We feel right proud of the fact that the Maintenance, Repair and Ground Support Equipment which we manufacture, are used with confidence and appreciation by the leading institutions of the Aviation Industry. Those are some of the products that are designed and manufactured and then used by maintenance technicians in the aviation industry: both fixed and telescopic tow bars required for control of Plane/Helicopters on the ground, containers required for transportation and storage of helicopter engines, blade clamp kit used for removing and installing helicopters’ blades, pressurized engine wash tubes used for washing hot and cold sections of engines of airplanes and helicopters, engine maintenance stands used for large maintenance of aircraft engines on the ground, engine lifting sling used for removing and lowering aircraft engines to the maintenance stands, hanging slings and conveying columns used for safely lifting and transporting large volume and heavy parts of air vehicles.

EMSA Group Engineering aims to be a brand that is reliable and durable in every field it serves with developing technology, respecting to human and society, complying with legal, economic and moral principles, being sensitive to health, security and environment, manufacturing products with high added value to its customers both domestically and abroad in the field of maintenance, repair and ground support equipment manufacture, not compromising on Laws and Rules of the Aerospace, keeping the customer satisfaction at the forefront, reducing Turkey’s foreign dependency on technological fields and performing innovative and qualified works in the Defense and Aerospace industry.