Our Services
  • Aviation GSE Solutions:

EMSA Engineering and Aviation Inc. is a manufacturing supplier for aircraft and airport ground support equipment (GSE) solutions to corporate, aeronautical services providers, military, defense, airline and general aviation customers worldwide. We manufacture a wide range of GSE for various fixed and rotary wing platforms.

We manufacture helicopters’ Towbars and heads, rotor blades’ clamp kits and racks, shipping and storage containers, transportation dollies, lifting slings and hoisting tools for aircrafts’ mechanical parts, in addition to other GSE tools and apparatus.

  • Aviation Servicing and Maintenance Solutions:

We manufacture a wide range of maintenance equipment, such as maintenance stands, fastening hardware, locking pins, cleaning apparatus and sets, oxygen/nitrogen cylinder carriers, installation, removal and connecting apparatuses, wrenches, torque adaptors, pullers, locks and other fixture and fitting tools.

The solutions that we manufacture are used for the maintenance of engines, APUs and rotor gearboxes assemblies for various models of aircrafts and helicopters, in addition to other tools and equipment used for general maintenance works.

  • GSE Maintenance and Repair:

Part of our services include repairing, replacing damaged parts, providing spare parts, customizing and/or improving maintenance equipment that our clients use for aircrafts’ maintenance.

  • Replacement Parts Search:

Through our partners and business network, we provide aircraft spare parts to aerospace customers around the world. We help aviation companies find the spare parts for airplanes and aviation that they are looking for.

  • Engaged in R&D:

We are involved in Research and Development as our production capabilities exceed manufacturing GSEs and maintenance tools for the aviation sector. We have all of the resources and dedication needed for an effective team of engineers and innovative staff.

We help Turkish aviation and aerospace engineering industries in manufacturing aviation equipment and parts for new/prototype aircrafts and undergoing projects. We take pride being part of Turkish Aerospace and Defense Development, and we consider it one of our biggest success stories.

We have successfully manufactured several models and prototype parts for Turkish Aircraft Industries Corporation (TAI) as part of its new projects. Some of the models and prototype parts that we delivered were rudder pedals, CİRİT missile system launchers, 2.75” rocket launchers, cockpit front and back seats, mounting stands for WESCAM and STAR SAFIRE surveillance cameras, in addition to other models and prototype parts.

Additionally, we are a supplier and manufacturer of GSE equipment for TEI’s new helicopter engine: TEI-TS-1400 Turboshaft Engine. We manufacture motor containers, lifting slings, maintenance stands and tables, etc. that are precisely designed for the new motor.